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1963年 東京都生まれ

1989年 日本具象版画展 優秀賞

1991年 東京芸術大学大学院美術研究科 修了(修了制作買上賞)

1993年 第5回和歌山版画ビエンナーレ 入選

      第2回高知国際版画トリエンナーレ 入選

      第2回さっぽろ国際現代版画ビエンナーレ 入選

1997年 The Royal Academy Illustrated A Souvenir of the 229th Summer Exhibition

               (The Royal Academy of Art/ London, U.K )

1999年 第23回リュブリアーナ国際版画ビエンナーレ 招待出品

2000年 文化庁買上げ優秀作品(現代選抜展・文化庁)


2003年 The 11th International Biennial Print and Drawing Exhibition 2003 R.O.C
               (Taiwan Museum of Art / Taiwan )

2004年 文化庁国内研修員

2005年 Seoul International Print,Photo&Edition Work Arts Fair

2013年 第1回京都版画トリエンナーレ 推薦出品(スポンサー賞)

2016年 アワガミ国際ミニプリント展(賞候補)
2017年 高知国際版画トリエンナーレ展(佳作賞)

2017年 アワガミ国際ミニプリント展(優秀賞)

1990年より 銀座においてみゆき画廊、ミウラアーツ、ギャラリー椿etc.で個展(新作発表)



パブリックコレクション 東京芸術大学 本間美術館 文化庁



1963   Born inn Tokyo.Japan.

1989   Graduated from Tokyo University of Arts.

1991   Completion of Tokyo University of Arts postgraduate course.

            A ward prize of Work Completion.

            Top marks of Department of Visual Design.

            University purchases her works.



1990   Gallery 21+Yo (Tokyo)

1991   Miyuki Gallery (Tokyo)

1992   Gallery Olym (Tokyo)

1993   Kintetsu Department Store (Tokyo)

            Takashimaya Department Store (Osaka)

            Miyuki Gallery (Tokyo)

            Hachibankan Gallery (Osaka)

1994   Kiki Gallery (Nagoya)  

            Gallery Olym (Tokyo)

            Galerie Petit Bois(Osaka)

1995   Kintetsu Department Store (Tokyo)

            Miyuki Gallery (Tokyo)

            Galerie Petit Bois (Osaka)

            Hachibankan Gallery (Osaka)

1996   Kiki Gallery (Nagoya)  

            Hankyu Department Store (Osaka)

            Galerie San Gimignano (Osaka)

            Galerie Poem (Tokyo)

            Galerie Fukuhara (Tokyo)

1997   Galerie Cats Ai (Toyama)

            Miyuki Gallery (Tokyo)

            Yasuda Arts  (Tokyo)

1998   Kiki Gallery (Nagoya) 

            Gallery Tsubaki (Tokyo) 

            Hachibankan Gallery (Osaka)

            Yasuda Arts  (Tokyo)

            Galerie Poem (Tokyo)



1989   Japan Figurative Print Exhibition, Diploma of Excellence Award (Tokyo)

1990   Japan  Figurative Print Exhibition, Award (Tokyo)

1991   The Exhibition in Peru, Award  (Tokyo,Peru)

1992   Miyako Prints Exhibition and Competition.

            Diploma of Excellence Award (Osaka)

1993   The 5th Biennial Prints Competition and Exhibition in Wakayama, Award.

            The 2nd Kochi International Triennial Prints Competition and Exhibition, Award.

            The 2nd Sappro International Biennial Prints Competition and Exhibition, Award.

            Competition and Exhibition, Award.

1994   The 20th France-Japan Exhibition and Competition, Award.(Tokyo,Paris)

            Miyako Prints Exhibition and Competition, Sponsors Prize Award.(Osaka)

1995   The 3rd Sappro International Biennial Prints Competition and Exhibition, Award Sponsors Prize.

1996   Miyako Prints Exhibition and Competition,Miyako Prize (Osaka)

            The 41st C/W.A.J. Contemporary Prints Exhibition (Tokyo)

1997   Royal Academy Illustrated a Souvenir of The 229th Summer Exhibition (London)

1998   The 1st Kobe Biennial Prints Competition and Exhibition, Award.

            The 12th Contemporary Prints Competition and Exhibition, Award (Osaka)

2013   1st Kyoto prints Triennial Recommendation Exhibition,sponsor Award (Kyoto)

2016 Awagami International Miniature Print Exhibition、Award candidate(Kochi)

2017 The 10th Kochi International Triennial Exhibition of Prints,Honorable mention award(Kochi)

2017 Awagami International Miniature Print Exhibition,Excellence Award(Kochi)


Solo show more numerous than in 1990



Tokyo University of Arts Honma Museum Agency for Cultural Affairs

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